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The human body is designed to be active. Unfortunately, many people are discouraged from exercise due to previous experience or disappointment. At TTR we make fitness fun! We make sure to focus on our clients’ goals while maintaining a positive, entertaining, and hard working environment. At TTR however – the main purpose is to teach habits which can be applied for the rest of our members’ lifetime. TTR believes exercise is different for everyone, and therefore one type of exercise does not work for all. At TTR our trainers make fitness fun, challenging, and practical with the end goal being a long and healthy life for our clients and members! TTR will kick start your personalized fitness routine with encouragement and education. Your TTR trainer will help you set and achieve realistic goals, develop correct form and safe habits right from the start, all the while achieving your goals and having the time of your life!
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one on one personal training


Personal training is the fastest way to reach your fitness goals. At TTR, our certified personal trainers provide guidance and inspiration with personalized programs based on your needs and goals!  Whether you want to lose weight and keep it off, build lean muscle, or just look and feel better in the clothes you’re in, TTR’s trainers will take the guesswork out of how to get there and simply get you there!

team training


At TTR we provide team’s access to the most innovative facility and modern equipment in Barrie to help the team reach their athletic fitness goals. Whether you’re a team of 10 or 30, training for a specific sporting event, off season regiments, or in season maintenance – our sport specific trainers will motivate and design team fitness programs tailored to your team’s athletic needs.

Kids Classes
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group train


Working with a trainer doesn’t have to be a solo affair. At TTR we also offer small group training programs that focus on specific types of training that can be optimized in a group setting.  Kick boxing workshops, specialized TRX programs, indoor/outdoor bootcamps and much, much more.  At TTR we believe working in a group will help push your results to a new level! If you have a group or would like to join one, we can make it happen!

sports specific training


TTR’s team of dedicated sport specific trainers work with your strengths and help you to achieve your ultimate athletic goals. Based on your personal requirements and preferences, TTR staff will match you with a sport specific trainer that is most compatible with you.  Your sport specific trainer will conduct a complimentary in-depth athletic needs analysis and design a personalized athletic program that will evolve as you progress, keep you inspired and accelerate you to your athletic optimum!

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pro shop


At TTR our pro-shop and juice bar are the social hubs for our trainers, their clients and our members. Get a good start or enjoy a healthy finish to your workout with delicious and nutritious energy drinks, shakes and snacks prepared and served by our friendly and dedicated staff.  Relax before and after your workouts at our juice bar or in our comfortable lounge while enjoying the game on the televisions or the convenience of our complimentary wireless internet access.

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Please feel free to call and book an appointment with any TTR staff member for a personalized tour and consultation. We’d love to show you our facility and discuss your personal goals and get you started today!