I have only lived in Barrie for 4 months but the team at TTR has welcomed me with open arms. Having owned my own gym for 15 years I am very well acquainted with what makes a gym worthy of praise and TTR is doing a great job. The facility is large and well equipped and always clean. But what really separates a good gym from a great gym is the people. The trainers are TTR are all professional, enthusiastic and always focused on the client. Everyone, from clients to guests to trainers is made to feel like they are at home.

- Neil Chomos

I have been operating my training/coaching business out of The Training Room since it opened a year ago. In this time I have witnessed a cold, unfinished building evolve into a gym unlike any other, a place of belonging, and a “home” that feels like family. The music is always pumping, and the high energy classes rock the house! There is no better feeling then when the music is blasting, classes are jumping, and you and your client are out on the floor crushing a workout! Beyond the amazing atmosphere, beautiful change rooms, and the brand new gym equipment, you will find the “people” of The Training Room. These people are what make this place so special and unique. When saying this, I am referring to EVERYONE from clients, trainers, instructors, the “Boss”, anyone who is part of TTR. It is this that sets The Training Room apart, and why everyone wants to be a part of it. Thank you for providing Barrie with a fun, motivating place to train, with state of the art equipment and lots of room to accommodate everyone. You guys rock!

- Amanda Schmidt, Pro Physiques Training

The facility is excellent, and all the clients are awesome! I love instructing my class in the upstairs open-concept studio; it’s intimate but roomy and being able to overlook the busy gym allows me and my participants to engage with the entire place, which brings a whole new level of fun and energy to everyone. My co-workers are like family. We all support and encourage each other, and we treat every TTR client like they are our own, encouraging them to try all the classes with all of the fantastic instructors TTR has to offer. The atmosphere is professional but so friendly, warm and welcoming, which is much different than other fitness facilities. In the warmer seasons, I can teach my class outdoors while still being able to provide all the amenities of the indoor facility – showers, bathrooms, etc. In short, we can give our clients the personal attention that they deserve, we can build trusted and reliable relationships and in most cases, friendships. I consider myself lucky to be able to work alongside such a diverse, knowledgeable and talented group of trainers and instructors unlike any group you will find in the Barrie area. We are constantly improving and changing and growing… I can’t wait to see what’s in store next!

- Ali Stevens

The training room is an exceptional place for people to push themselves to their full potential in physical fitness. The supportive attitude created by the staff is easily adopted by the members, creating the perfect atmosphere. As an instructor, The Training Room allows me to take my classes to the next level as they provide me with more than ample equipment. I truly enjoy working for this fitness centre and regularly recommend our services to friends and family.

- Amanda Maisine

I have been attending Amanda’s Hatha yoga classes Mondays and Wednesdays from 8-9pm since the end of August. I initially joined the class to relax after a hectic day at work, but continued coming back because of her level of professionalism and understanding of the body. She has a calming yet commanding presence. Since attending I have noticed a significant advancement in my abilities. I plan on attending Amanda’s classes as long as she continues to teach.

- Meghann King, Client of Ali Stevens

I have been going to the training room for three months now and by far my favourite class is Zumba with Ali!!! Ali always has such an upbeat personality which gets everyone in the class going. I have learned a lot from her and look forward to her class every week!

- Gill Walton, Client of Ali Stevens

I’ve been a loyal Zumba goer for many years and have had the most amazing result with Ali as my instructor. I’ve danced off 15 pounds in the last year. Ali’s high energy is extremely motivating and her choreography is easy to learn. Her classes are a super fun way to get in shape.

- Tenneil Mussgnug, Client of Ali Stevens

TTR Training Room – Is a great facility! The staff is really friendly and always helpful. They have many different classes that you can participate in; I have tried several different ones and am always encouraging, but the one I attend the most, as it fits perfectly into my schedule, is Zumba! I love, love, love it! The Zumba instructor Ali is awesome! Her classes are fun energetic with a LOT of fitness thrown in to give her Zumba class a little bit of a twist! But it is Ali herself that makes you want to keep coming back; her bubbly personality and her smiling face and her encouraging words always make you feel welcome. I can honestly say that it’s a fitness class that I get up and go to on Sunday mornings (I am not a morning person) and enjoy it! When I miss one of her classes I am extremely sad but that just makes me look forward to the next one even more. Thanks Ali you’re the best!

- Cathie Apsey, Client of Ali Stevens

I LOVE Ali’s Zumba classes at TTR. Ali’s classes are the highlight of my week!! She is always super energetic and her classes are always fun. Doesn’t hurt that I burn around 600 calories a class and am still smiling at the end. I would highly recommend her classes!!

- Cindy Emeljanow, Client of Ali Stevens

Ali’s enthusiasm and energy is contagious! I sometimes arrive at TTR feeling tired and stressed but after Ali’s Zumba class I’m guaranteed to leave feeling happy and invigorated. Ali provides a fun cardio class that incorporates fitness and strength moves for a full body workout and keeps you coming back for more!

- Heidi Hunter, Client of Ali Stevens

I joined Bodywar about 4 months back now because I was tired of my regular workout regime and I haven’t looked back since! Chris is an amazing trainer, he is very passionate and knowledgeable, and pushes me to my absolute full potential. I feel stronger and faster than I have in my entire life, and I could not have done it without his help. Every session is so different targeting all my strength and weight loss goals. Also the Training Room is such a beautiful facility. They offer all the best equipment, so many different classes, and the staff is always so awesome! I would recommend Bodywar to anyone that wants a challenge, wants to see results and wants to accomplish weight loss and strength training goals. After one Bodywar session I was hooked, my old gym membership has been on hold ever since! Thanks Chris, looking forward to our next challenge!

- Toni Laengner, Client of Chris Vorano

Chris Vorano is a fantastic trainer! He is fully committed to addressing the needs of his clients and their fitness goals. I love his enthusiasm during each session and his wide range of knowledge in all areas of health and fitness. Chris creates full body workouts that are very challenging and always changing which makes it easy to stick with because you don’t get bored and you get amazing results. Body War is my favourite time of the week!

- Lauren MacIsaac, Client of Chris Vorano

I am lucky enough to have trained with Chris Vorano for the past few years and have never been stronger or more flexible in my life. Chris is a dedicated, professional and highly motivated personal trainer who always challenges me in a safe and sustainable way. He has guided me to a level of fitness I never thought I could achieve. His diverse and expert knowledge of MMA, yoga, Pilates, strength training, nutrition and physiology are a testament to his dedication and commitment to health and fitness. Chris has a unique ability to get long-lasting results fast. He leads by example, and, while continuing to compete at an elite level in many sports, is an inspiration.
Chris is beyond excellent. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to get in the best shape of their life and maintain it.

- Client of Chris Vorano

I was introduced to The Training Room and its yoga class by Amanda after some coercion. As an out of shape inflexible guy I was hesitant as I assume many people in my position would be. However, I am extremely glad I joined The Training Room as they have a very fun and inviting atmosphere along with a great selection of elite classes to choose from. To my surprise the yoga class has been one of my favourites. Amanda’s personality and nature are very positive and welcoming which makes anyone wanting to try yoga very comfortable in doing so. Her belief in yoga and its benefits for your body and mind are very strong, she takes it seriously while keeping it fun and allowing it to be an enjoyable experience for all. Amanda is great at being able to customize a class or modifying the flow for those that are not as advanced (myself) so that they still feel comfortable participating and continue to strive for that next level. I have already notice many benefits from Amanda’s class including better flexibility and improved core strength. I always feel relaxed after an hour with Amanda. Since my first class I have been hooked! I would recommend The Training Room and its yoga class to anyone and everyone no matter their fitness level.
Thank you Amanda!

- Cody H, Client of Amanda Maisine

The yoga class on Mondays and Wednesday’s have been a life saver for me. I actually look forward to the class every week, and for someone that hates exercise, that’s saying a lot. The teacher Amanda does a phenomenal job of setting up a Zen like atmosphere with great ambiance, while also being very motivational in her teachings. Good job on the class TTR, it will keep me coming back!

- Karl Kovacs, Client of Amanda Maisine

I have been working with Amanda for 3 months now and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I came to Amanda because I wanted to be stronger and more toned but, needed guidance and motivation. Amanda’s easy going friendly personality creates a relaxed comfortable atmosphere. She makes each workout challenging and places a high value on correct form with each exercise. She motivates me to push past my perceived limits to get results and reach my goals.
The atmosphere at The Training Room is great, it’s very clean, and everyone is friendly and professional. It’s encouraging to see people at all fitness levels working out under the same roof.
I highly recommend Amanda and The Training Room to anyone who wants to achieve their fitness goals.

- Tina McAuley, Client of Amanda Schmidt

To meet Amanda Schmidt is to interact with someone living their dream. I approached Amanda about personal training sessions after seeing through social media how she practiced what she preached. I grew up my whole life as an athlete and after experiencing injuries related to a car accident I knew now was the right time to get back to my athletic pursuits. In the short time Amanda and I have been training together she has motivated me, challenged me, and supported me while working towards my goals. Her professionalism, preparation and planning for each session, and her work ethic go above and beyond. She radiates positivity and her dedicated spirit is contagious. I would recommend Amanda to anyone who wants to see their fitness goals become a reality.

- Natalie Collins, Client of Amanda Schmidt